Broken Holiday

Broken Holiday (Off season - broken dreams)

Broken Holiday tells the story of Mediterranean holiday resorts when they are asleep and put into a seasonal waiting mode. It also tells a story about us, travelers and tourists. The themes of memory, expectations, and habits play a key role in my work as I also reflect on my own childhood holidays spent at the same kind of locations. The series raises up questions about the concept of tourism and traveling in general. Are we always traveling to see new places or more on the mental stage to get ourselves out of something? Are we actually buying escapism as a consumer product? Are we doing this based on our needs or working on the habit in autopilot mode?

Technical info:

Pigment prints on aluminum, 40x50 cm

Pigment prints on matte aluminum frames, 70 x 100 cm

Exhibited in:

Korjaamo Aulagalleria, Culture Factory, Helsinki, 29.5. - 4.8.2019

VS Gallery, Fiskars, 12.8. - 3.10.2019

SPACE PLACE, Nizhny Tagil, Russia 13.9.-27.9.2019

B-Galleria, Turku, 8.-26.7.2020

Galleria 5, Oulu, 16.9.- 4.10.2020

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